Wes CravenYou’ve probably heard by now, but Wes Craven passed away on August 30th after losing his fight with brain cancer. He was 76 years old and a super horror champ.

He was a writer and director of many horror classics, A Nightmare on Elm St, Scream, and Last House On The Left just to name a few. He’s truly a horror legend, and I can’t imagine someone who loves horror not knowing and loving at least one of his films. I will admit, I was always a Halloween and Friday the 13th girl (I was brought up on those franchises).

Scream and A Nightmare on Elm St are wonderful, but I didn’t watch them until later in life. Even still, I adored them. The first Scream is a brilliant, instant classic that turns all the regular, stupid horror tropes on its head.

The horror community lost a brilliant man. Thank you Wes for everything you did for the horror community. I am certain it would’ve been a much, much duller place without you.