Must Read: Fright Before Christmas + a Free Story!

I am always looking for ways to horrorize any holiday. This can obviously be displayed by the horror writing and illustration showcases I’ve run for Pen and Muse, for Halloween or Christmas or just because. I put out a horror publication called Halloween Night: Trick or Treat this last October. I’ve also written a few of my own. Can you tell that I love horror short stories?

Recently, I heard about a new anthology coming Leap Books and I was SO excited! It’s called Fright Before Christmas: 13 Tales of Holiday Horrors.

What is even cooler, is that there’s a free narrated story below, so make sure you stop by before you leave and listen to this creepy and awesome story!


Fright Before Christmas



It’s the most wonderful time of year…or is it?

Christmas Eve is a night of mystery and magic, but not always in ways we expect. Things lurk in the shadows and they’re not the least bit jolly or merry. Let’s just say some presents are better left unopened.

‘Tis the season to be screaming along with our thirteen tales of holiday horrors. Ghosts. Monsters. Demons. And more! This Christmas, be careful what you wish for…

Edited by Shannon Delany and Kelly Hashway. Contributing authors include: Richard Ankers, Jessica Bayliss, Ty Drago, Judith Graves, Patrick Hueller, Ally Mathews, Laura Pauling, Boyd Reynolds, Medeia Sharif, Andrea Stanet, Lea Storry, Dax Varley, and Jacqueline Horsfall.


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Free Narrated Story: The Stench of Christmas

I also discovered that Darren over at Weird Darkness has voice narrated one of the stories called The Stench of Christmas. And you can watch and listen, for free! I loved it.

Here it is. Enjoy!

Stay weird and happy holidays,

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  • Judith Graves
    December 19, 2015

    Thanks for spreading the bloody good cheer / news about FRIGHT!

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