Three Weeks…Three Horror Movies

I love horror movies and have my preferred types…everyone does, give me a ghost or demon and I’m a happy kid. Heck, give me a ghost and a demon and I will die of joy. However, I have discovered that my horror movie love spreads across a range of evil. I find enjoyment in quiet creepy and screaming death. I’ll happily watch a ghost scare the life out of people or a whole bunch of stabbing. It is rare for me to not like a horror movie, for I can find something, just a sliver of an idea or a super intriguing image, to hold in my dark heart.

One of my favorite things to do is take myself (I am a terrific date) to the theater and enjoy all the creepiness. But doesn’t it always seem like we have to wait and wait and wait for horror movies? As if they aren’t made every day, which is a shame. So, when suddenly there were SO MANY MOVIES WAITING FOR ME, I made a list and a plan and treated myself.

First…US. When I first heard that Jordan Peele was creating another tale of horror, I could not wait and was not disappointed. I craved a twisted story with a deeper meaning, and that’s what I got. A secret hidden underneath. A struggle to get back what was stolen. A desperate move to get what you never had. Moments of humor peered through the strange and thought provoking tale. I left with my head spinning in joyous circles of what it all meant.

Poster for 2019 horror movie US



Second…Pet Sematary. Now, I was not going to go see this. There is nothing wrong with the original and after Poltergeist, my heart couldn’t take another remake. However, I was told by more than one person to watch it. So I did.


I have not read the book, but I’m fixing that now and will do a post about all the Pet Sematary thoughts after I finish, because there are thoughts.

I went to this film hoping for a good story, for something new to add to the universe, for a new vision. And I got it. I left laughing in happy shock!

Poster for 2019 horror movie Pet Sematary


Third…The Curse of La Llorona. I was intrigued the first time I saw the trailer. Remember when I mentioned that ghosts are kinda my thing? Yeah. So, ghost lady? I’m in. And not only some ghost lady, but a real legend made into a movie!

I went looking for a fight, a struggle between good versus evil. I hoped for a creepy atmosphere and a few fantastical images. Once again, I got it. Though I wanted the story of la llorona to unfold and reveal itself, the movie told the legend upfront…and the movie became a SAVE THE KIDS FROM THE WEEPING WOMAN. It was fun!

Poster for the 2019 horror movie The Curse of La Llorona


Three horror movies. Three different types of movies, each offering their own tapestry of scary. I had different expectations for each and loved each for giving me what I wanted…and more.

Did I have a favorite? Ummm…not really. Each stood as their own story, their own atmosphere, their own type of movie. From a tale of what might be, to a re-telling and re-twisting, to a battle with a ghost, I enjoyed what each brought to the blood-soaked table.

And now…I wait for the next horror movie to haunt the theaters. And wait…

For those tidbits of delightful terror to enchant me.


Cheers and nightmares,



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