I’ve made it no secret that clowns use to scare the living heck outta me. My teenage son got me over this fear by having clowns chase me at our local amusement park.

Poltergeist is yet another movie I watched that build up a huge fear of clowns, but I never talk about my fear of dolls. DOLLS, a horror movie from 1984, definitely has a lot to do with my childhood fear of dolls.

This is yet another movie I watched at my next door neighbor’s house (also saw POLTERGEIST here in 3rd grade). In the ’80s, you could get illegal cable using what we called a “black box.” Well, my neighbors had one. We’d wait until their parents were somewhere not paying attention to us and we’d turn on HBO. One day we watched DOLLS and I totally freaked out! I totally thought my dolls would come to life and kill me in my sleep, or drag me under my bed to some version of hell. Between this and POLTERGEIST, all dolls were packed up and placed into the attack–never to be seen again.

It looks campy now, but I swear it’s a lot scarier than PUPPET MASTER!

I’m not quite sure how I am able to have doll heads anywhere near me after being afraid for so long, but I’m happy to say that I’m over it. Maybe it’s because they aren’t porcelain…who knows!

Anyone have some doll stories or favorite scary movies from their past? Have YOU gotten past a childhood fear?