Doll Heads


Doll Head Crafts

Dolls creep me out. Well, they did until a funny thing happened...I found a few photos online that got my attention. The first was a doll head that had been make into a pencil sharpener. I just HAD to have this, but after a little research I found that it was not to be. I set upon finding a doll head, so that I could make my own. What I found instead was a wonderful head to hold my pens. Yes. You heard that correctly and here's the photo to prove it! I used the rollers as pen holders in the dolls hair. I completely creeped my kids out, but I had a new collect[...]


The ZYX’s of Obscure Things I Want In, On, or Around My Horror House

In keeping with our Horror House theme for March, here is some of my research for my manuscript concerning obscure horror house things because this world is a big beautiful bag of weird (all images courtesy of interwebs). Z is for ZARF Y is for YEW X is for XANTHIPPE W is for WIDOW'S WALK V is for VOMITORIUM U is for UCALEGON T is for TILBURY S is for SOLARIUM R is for RUINS Q is for QUARTREFOIL P is for PORTICULLIS O is for OCCULUS N is for NATATORIUM M is for MOTHERHOOD HELPER L is for LANTERN K is for KEWPIE DOLL J is for JIGGUMBOB I[...]


Travelling Weird: La Isla de la Munecas

Over the past few days, I've been having the "horror" discussion a few times with a few different individuals. What is it? What makes it appealing? Does all horror fall under the same umbrella? Where do you draw the line between the things that creep and the things that scare versus the things meant to titillate and disgust? I think it's all relative -- we draw from experience and expand the lens on the things that dig into our history both as individuals and collectively. What scares me might scare you, but maybe not. In the effort to overturn a few rocks, to p[...]


DOLLS- A Great Scary Movie

I've made it no secret that clowns use to scare the living heck outta me. My teenage son got me over this fear by having clowns chase me at our local amusement park. Poltergeist is yet another movie I watched that build up a huge fear of clowns, but I never talk about my fear of dolls. DOLLS, a horror movie from 1984, definitely has a lot to do with my childhood fear of dolls. This is yet another movie I watched at my next door neighbor's house (also saw POLTERGEIST here in 3rd grade). In the '80s, you could get illegal cable using what we called a "black box."[...]


Oh the Things You Can Google

We've all Googled things for our WIPs that could cause the police to investigate us. Right? I mean, currently writing a novel about a serial killer has definitely had me searching some questionable content. Like--which vein makes a person bleed out faster? Yeah, that'd get me locked up for sure. But recently, I searched for something out of pure curiosity. My friend, who knows I want heads for my office--don't ask. It's a thing. Found these for me at her neighbor's yard sale.   I know. Kinda freaky but I can't wait to clean them up. Like I did to this on[...]