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The Sasquatch

Good Morning, Kittens,   I grew up in northern Alberta (Canada). My house backed onto the forest. I mean the real forest...not a small, sparse area of trees. No, I'm talking hundreds of miles of thick, dense woods. We found grizzly prints under our deck and even had recess cancelled a few times because there were black bears on our playground. I was the oldest out of my siblings and all of the neighborhood kids we hung out with. Our parents took us far into the boonies on many occasions (remind me to tell you the story about my dad and the moose). I was[...]


Oh the Things You Can Google

We've all Googled things for our WIPs that could cause the police to investigate us. Right? I mean, currently writing a novel about a serial killer has definitely had me searching some questionable content. Like--which vein makes a person bleed out faster? Yeah, that'd get me locked up for sure. But recently, I searched for something out of pure curiosity. My friend, who knows I want heads for my office--don't ask. It's a thing. Found these for me at her neighbor's yard sale.   I know. Kinda freaky but I can't wait to clean them up. Like I did to this on[...]