We’ve all Googled things for our WIPs that could cause the police to investigate us. Right? I mean, currently writing a novel about a serial killer has definitely had me searching some questionable content. Like–which vein makes a person bleed out faster? Yeah, that’d get me locked up for sure.

But recently, I searched for something out of pure curiosity. My friend, who knows I want heads for my office–don’t ask. It’s a thing. Found these for me at her neighbor’s yard sale.



I know. Kinda freaky but I can’t wait to clean them up. Like I did to this one:




These heads got a convo started between my friend and I. And needed up turning into me trying to find specimen jars. I totally grossed her out, but guess what I found in my Google search…a place to RENT OR BUY some totally freaking awesome jars!



Now that one is crazy, but this one is…scary! Even though they are both replicas, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing either anytime soon. I think my current obsession with doll heads is creepy enough!



Want to see more? Head over to Dapper Cadaver¬†and check out their inventory. It’s…amazingly straight out of a horror movie:)