Oh the Things You Can Google

We’ve all Googled things for our WIPs that could cause the police to investigate us. Right? I mean, currently writing a novel about a serial killer has definitely had me searching some questionable content. Like–which vein makes a person bleed out faster? Yeah, that’d get me locked up for sure.

But recently, I searched for something out of pure curiosity. My friend, who knows I want heads for my office–don’t ask. It’s a thing. Found these for me at her neighbor’s yard sale.



I know. Kinda freaky but I can’t wait to clean them up. Like I did to this one:




These heads got a convo started between my friend and I. And needed up turning into me trying to find specimen jars. I totally grossed her out, but guess what I found in my Google search…a place to RENT OR BUY some totally freaking awesome jars!



Now that one is crazy, but this one is…scary! Even though they are both replicas, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing either anytime soon. I think my current obsession with doll heads is creepy enough!



Want to see more? Head over to Dapper Cadaver and check out their inventory. It’s…amazingly straight out of a horror movie:)

  • jackie
    July 15, 2014

    Great article! I thought the same about my own research. Thanks for the laugh! my husband says I’m going to get home land security at my door:)

    • Kissed by Ink
      July 17, 2014

      Glad you got a giggle out of it! For my current WIP I’ve googled things like yo-yo tricks, arteries, veins, blood splatter, and designer shoes. Definitely have an eclectic internet history:)

  • krystal jane
    July 15, 2014

    That is a very interesting thing to collect. I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone who collects plastic heads. It’s very creative!

    • Kissed by Ink
      krystal jane
      July 17, 2014

      I’m not even sure how or why this whole collection thing started. Years ago, the heads would have me up all night with the lights on. Guess I’m all grown up now! Lol!

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