Finding Frights in Foreign Places

Ah, February. Love & romance are in the air. But don't fret, my horror loving friends. It isn't all hearts and flowers this month. We have nothing against getting all warm and fuzzy. But it wouldn't be The Midnight Society way without a little blood, guts & gore to go along with it. As it turns out, even on my vacation, I was able to find something frightfully delightful. Yearly trips have become an awesome new tradition for myself and my fiance, Chris. It's always cool to go somewhere new, to discover those things that are different from the place y[...]


The Bats of Austin

It’s Bat Fest this weekend in Austin, Texas. Austinites celebrate everything by having a music festival, and last night’s 10th Annual Bat Fest got both the locals and plenty of visitors out for the musical attractions. However, the main event was not the bands, or the costumes, or an excuse to party in the street. The real show happened at sundown-- when the bats came out. Flashback, August, 1980: A new ribbon-cutting ceremony has just reopened the Congress Avenue bridge over Town Lake. For the last six years, the bridge has been closed because of damage. Bu[...]