Til Death Do Us Part: Bride of Frankenstein

Romance in Horror

This month we’re going to be talking a lot about romance in horror here on The Midnight Society. There are a lot of great iconic couples out there to talk about. As a Frankenstein fan, of course, I thought of the bride.

Annex - Karloff, Boris (Bride of Frankenstein, The)_04

She is first mentioned in the novel, theoretically, but first appears in the 1935 film “Bride of Frankenstein” (a sequel to the first Frankenstein film.

From Wikipedia, about her mention in the novel:

In Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein is tempted by his monster’s proposal to create a female creature so that the monster can have a mate. He promises that if Victor grants his request, he and his mate will vanish into the wilderness of South America, never to reappear. Fearing for his family, Victor reluctantly agrees and travels to England to do his work. Working on a second being on the Orkney Islands, he is plagued by premonitions of what his work might wreak, particularly the idea that creating a mate for the creature might lead to the breeding of an entire race of creatures that could plague mankind. He destroys the unfinished female creature after he sees his first creation looking through the window. The monster witnesses this and vows to be with Victor on his upcoming wedding night. True to his word, the monster murders Frankenstein’s new wife Elizabeth.

Fascinating stuff, right? These days, we mostly know her from art. They’re an iconic couple, those two monsters. What better way to celebrate the two of them than to look at how they’re portrayed today?

Some of my favorites…

Frank Cirocco

Frank Cirocco’s work with the two of them dancing. (I can’t find a website for him anywhere. He works for marvel, I believe.)

Amorous Libation by Mike Bell

Amorous Libation, for sale from Mike Bell

Our Love is Dead

I love the ParlorTattooPrints etsy shop and strongly suggest checking them out! They have a lot of amazing work in this style.

So there you have it! Do you have favorite Frankenstein artwork? What are your favorite iconic creepy couples? I’d love to chat in the comments!

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