Frankenlove! Making the Monster: The Science Behind Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

There's always a new book out about Frankenstein, and that's fine by me. The newest to cross my screen is Making the Monster: The Science Behind Mary Shelley's Frankenstein by Kathryn Harkup and I could not be more interested. I don't have an opinion yet, as the book doesn't release until February 8th, but I'm excited to take a look. What a beautiful cover. The year 1818 saw the publication of one of the most influential science-fiction stories of all time. Frankenstein: Or, Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley had a huge impact on gothic horror and science fic[...]


Til Death Do Us Part: Bride of Frankenstein

This month we're going to be talking a lot about romance in horror here on The Midnight Society. There are a lot of great iconic couples out there to talk about. As a Frankenstein fan, of course, I thought of the bride. She is first mentioned in the novel, theoretically, but first appears in the 1935 film "Bride of Frankenstein" (a sequel to the first Frankenstein film. From Wikipedia, about her mention in the novel: In Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein is tempted by his monster's proposal to create a female creature so that the monster can have a mate. He p[...]


Who’s the Monster Here?

Frankenstein's monster's stitches were done so roughly in the original film so people would immediately look at him and know he was a monster. Those stitches have since become a symbol for the monster. You can paint your nails black and green, with stitches tieing the colors together, and people will get the reference. Look at your monster nails! But the theme we come back to when we talk about Frankenstein, is that the creature wasn't the monster. Victor, the doctor who created him, was. He created this person, for his own selfish reasons, with no thought to[...]


Frankenstein Crash Course

Hello there, Midnighters! Currently, I am working 5-7 hours a day on revisions on my Girl Band vs Zombies (hey, I named the band! Deadly Divas, here we come!) series. My heart still has room for Frankenlove, but my brain got sidetracked by zombies and forgot to write something wise and insightful. So hey, here's a wise and insightful (and funny) crash course on all that is the Frankenstein novel with John Green. Watch this, and you'll probably know more about Frankenstein than people who read the book 5+ years ago. If you enjoy it, don't miss Part 2. And wh[...]


Frankenlove Interview with Author Mackenzi Lee

Today we have a real treat on The Midnight Society: an interview with Mackenzi Lee, the author of the upcoming Frankenstein reimagining, THIS MONSTROUS THING. I actually decided to start calling this post series "Frankenlove"after talking with her on twitter. She's fun, she's knowledgeable, and she loves Frankenstein! So here we go... Do you remember first falling in love with Frankenstein? What drew you to the story? You never forget your first time, do you? My first exposure to Frankenstein came in high school, when it was one of our optional summer reading bo[...]