Frankenstein Crash Course


Hello there, Midnighters!

Currently, I am working 5-7 hours a day on revisions on my Girl Band vs Zombies (hey, I named the band! Deadly Divas, here we come!) series. My heart still has room for Frankenlove, but my brain got sidetracked by zombies and forgot to write something wise and insightful. So hey, here’s a wise and insightful (and funny) crash course on all that is the Frankenstein novel with John Green. Watch this, and you’ll probably know more about Frankenstein than people who read the book 5+ years ago.

If you enjoy it, don’t miss Part 2.

And while you’re on the internet, if you’re a horror writer, don’t miss the announcement for Strange Far Places, an upcoming YA & MG Horror Anthology!

Stay Creepy!

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