Dorian Gray


Penny Dreadful- A Review

  Let's begin with those freaky spiders in the beginning. I mean, come on! There nothing scarier than a woman praying while a spider crawls down her arm. Of course it would induce a grand eye rolling session! "Unbridled pleasures of youth." Now that sums up dear old Ethan Chandler. He drinks to excess and has sex with a stranger all within the first 10 minutes of the show. Still, he's intrigued by Vanessa Ives and follows her into the depths of an underground Opium den for a job. This all leads to Sir Malcolm, who is in search of his daughter. Cue the[...]


Penny Dreadful

The Midnight Society loves a good creepy movie, so when I first saw the preview for the new Showtime Original Series Penny Dreadful, I knew I had to share. The geniuses behind the show have taken the dark and twisted characters from classic tales like Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and Dracula. Set in Victorian London, this series looks like it will bring on the creepy darkness of all our favorite horror characters--with a huge twist. I have a feeling this series will be a huge hit! Harry Treadaway, plays Dr. Victor Frankenstein--he needs no introduction.   T[...]