Penny Dreadful- A Review



Let’s begin with those freaky spiders in the beginning. I mean, come on! There nothing scarier than a woman praying while a spider crawls down her arm. Of course it would induce a grand eye rolling session!

“Unbridled pleasures of youth.”

Now that sums up dear old Ethan Chandler. He drinks to excess and has sex with a stranger all within the first 10 minutes of the show. Still, he’s intrigued by Vanessa IvesĀ and follows her into the depths of an underground Opium den for a job. This all leads to Sir Malcolm, who is in search of his daughter.

Cue the deep cello and string orchestra, and mix in piles of dead bodies and bloodsucking vampires. These vamps are nowhere near good-looking like in Twilight. In fact, they are more gruesome like those from To Kill a Vampire and the original Dracula. With the Master looking more like he’s out of the original Alien movie. Bravo for this!

Blood. Blood. And more blood.


This is the time of Jack the Ripper, a dark Victorian time. My feeling is that Vanessa will be the central character, holding all of the story together and helping to raise our hackles. What is she? Where does this power come from? Is she a witch?

Ethan will be the one to drool over. Mysterious, but so h-o-t! I’m not sure he’ll be just a pretty face though.

And with the promise of more smart dialogue from Sir Malcolm, and added storyline to include more characters like Dr. Frankenstein (even though we do meet him in episode one) and Dorian Gray, I will definitely continue to watch.

Anyone else enjoy the beginning of Penny Dreadful?




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