Midnight Society Movie Night: Satan’s Slaves

Welcome to February and the announcement of which horror movie I will live-tweet this month. Join me for Satan's Slaves on...   I might have said that I received the best Christmas present: Shudder TV! I have scratched the surface of this horror-centered service and am loving every minute. Creepshow is a winner, for sure.     But there are so many movies! I decided to scroll through the list to find this month's creepy fun, and came across Satan's Slaves.     The title intrigued me. The tag line "She comes back for the last[...]


Death and Taxes

Hello, Kittens! I'm writing this as s a brand new 29 year old! Thanks to my fellow Midnight Society members for the blog post - you guys are the best. I have a little story -a ramble, if you will - about my birthday. Yesterday I woke up and went for birthday breakfast. I was feeling pretty good. I'm pregnant, so my skin is all glowy and my hair is awesome. I didn't have my usual mini-meltdown about growing older (those started when I turned 25). When I got home I put my son down for a nap and made myself a cup of tea. I sat there, reflecting on the past y[...]


Penny Dreadful- A Review

  Let's begin with those freaky spiders in the beginning. I mean, come on! There nothing scarier than a woman praying while a spider crawls down her arm. Of course it would induce a grand eye rolling session! "Unbridled pleasures of youth." Now that sums up dear old Ethan Chandler. He drinks to excess and has sex with a stranger all within the first 10 minutes of the show. Still, he's intrigued by Vanessa Ives and follows her into the depths of an underground Opium den for a job. This all leads to Sir Malcolm, who is in search of his daughter. Cue the[...]