Trailers to Die For–A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

I LOVE movie trailers. My favorite part of going to the theater is seeing the previews, and as my family will tell you (much to their annoyance), I have to be in my seat before the previews even start, or the whole theater experience is ruined for me. Obviously, my favorite kind of trailers are horror movie trailers, and most of my all-time favorite horror flicks had me hyped for their release with a killer trailer. In this series, I'll be looking back at some of my favorite trailers, and I'm starting with a classic--A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. h[...]


Freddy Krueger Is One Badass Ghost

This week is Ghosts Week for Midnight Society's #OctFearFest, and today I want to talk a bit about the ghost of the Springwood Slasher. Perhaps you know him by a different name--Freddy Krueger. When people think about what Freddy is, the word ghost doesn’t immediately jump to mind. And over the course of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, he became something much more than a ghost (we can chat about the Dream Demons another time). But at the start of the Elm Street saga, Freddy Krueger was definitely a ghost. Specifically, a vengeful spirit. Like the spiri[...]