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No Sleep till Tokyo: Essential J-Horror Films you shouldn’t watch alone

Everyone's got their thing: for some people it's slasher movies, for others it's creepy-looking revenge spirits. I fall into the latter category. Given that it's j-horror month, I'd like to celebrate by re-introducing a few of my favourite horror movies that deal with yurei. Even if you've never heard the word "yurei" before, you'd probably know one if you saw one: the white shoudlike dress, the long, matted black hair, and the penchant for indiscriminately killing anything and everything they come in contact with after a certain amount of time. It's a very parti[...]


Audio Terror: Famous Ghost Stories With Scary Sounds (1975)

Today, we're taking a trip in the wayback machine, kids. We're going to head back to about 1982 or 83, when an early chapter in my horror-loving origin story was written. When a man by the name of Wade Denning scared the holy hell out of me and helped instill my fascination with all things macabre for the rest of my life. In 1975, Pickwick Records released "Famous Ghost Stories With Scary Sounds," a collection of short horror stories by the likes of Edgar Allan poe, Charles Dickens, Washington Irving and more. Denning--who was well-known for his commercial jingle[...]


Ghost Month: Hotel Del Coronado and the Mystery of Lottie A. Bernard

May is Ghost Month here at the Midnight Society! I love ghosts stories more than a person should. Normally if I talk to someone for more than thirty minutes, I can be found asking if they know any good ghost stories. It's the truth and the rest of the Midnight Society can attest to that! The story I'm here to tell you today is true, and it's a story of murder, heartbreak, and a mystery that still haunts the Hotel Del Coronado today.   On Thanksgiving day in 1892, a beautiful woman checked into the Hotel Del Coronado. She never checked out. The Hote[...]


True Ghost Stories – My House on Lookout Lane

Today we kick off Ghost Week here at The Midnight Society!     Some people are skeptics when it comes to ghosts. Not me. I have never been a skeptic. Why? I’ve lived in a haunted house. I have experienced things that cannot be explained. I have seen orbs with my own two eyes, in the middle of a cemetery at midnight flitting through the sky. And no, I hadn’t been drinking at the time. In honor of Ghost Week, I thought I’d tell you a little story about one of my first ghostly experiences at an old house I lived in when I was a child. With t[...]


My Obsession with Ghosts

Viewer discretion is advised... Every episode begins this way. And I watch - my guilty pleasure. Real people tell their paranormal stories, ghostly encounters, possessions, and fights with demons all with the help of Hollywood effects to bring the tales to life. It began in 2005 with the TV show 'A Haunting', which played on the Discovery Channel until 2007. This show gave us the episode 'A Haunting in Connecticut', which was later made into a movie. I watched every episode, more than once. I was sad when it vanished. However, it was revived on Destination[...]


Horror Writer Interview #4- Bailey Knight

I have to say just how fortunate I am to be surrounded by all of this talent! Not just the ladies I blog with here at The Midnight Society, but also those who have been so kind as to allow me to dig into their writer brains. Amazingness has come from these fabulous women and I hope to continue to be blessed.   Now, without further ado--please welcome Bailey Knight to the cemetery!   1.  What does the word “horror” mean to you? If it frightens me, I’m probably into it.   I love horror because fear is universal and unavoidable. We are[...]