After the Attack: Horror Sequels

Happy Halfoween! Get out your now empty plastic eggs and fill them with fingers and eyeballs. Behead the Daffodils. Leave bloody footprints as you tiptoe through the red tulips. Keep watch for killer bunnies. As we're halfway to Halloween, I began to ponder how, in scary books and movies, we are given only half of the story. The demon has been defeated by rituals and symbols. The ghost vanquished. The insane killer with the chainsaw has been left to die in a rock quarry or lake. The vampire staked. The werewolf left breathless by the silver bullet. All the ev[...]


Halloween Murder: The True Story of The Candy Man

I love Halloween. And thanks to member Erica's genius brain, we're celebrating the build-up to Halfoween, the halfway point to Halloween this year. Faith made these awesome banners for Halfoween and I'm in love. I picture little Dracula bunnies with fangs, hopping around among happy Easter eggs.   Today's story is not a happy one but a true one nonetheless, about a horrific murder that took place on Halloween night in 1974. This story is the cause of many urban legends, parental fears and movie inspirations, to this day. This is the true story of The Ca[...]


Tribeca Film Festival: How to Celebrate Halfoween Right

What up, loves. Yes, this post is a wee bit on the late side today, my apologies. I forgot to hit "post" instead of "save" and whatnot. BUT, as you probably already know if you follow the blog, it is HALFOWEEN! We are halfway to our holy holiday. How are you celebrating Halfoween? Me? I'm going to Tribeca Film Festival next weekend, with tickets to the horror movies. Because, well, it's me. And I live in New York, and I figured I should probably go to that 'cause I live here and all, and what other movies would I see but horror movies? Let's breakdown t[...]