After the Attack: Horror Sequels

Happy Halfoween! Get out your now empty plastic eggs and fill them with fingers and eyeballs. Behead the Daffodils. Leave bloody footprints as you tiptoe through the red tulips. Keep watch for killer bunnies. As we're halfway to Halloween, I began to ponder how, in scary books and movies, we are given only half of the story. The demon has been defeated by rituals and symbols. The ghost vanquished. The insane killer with the chainsaw has been left to die in a rock quarry or lake. The vampire staked. The werewolf left breathless by the silver bullet. All the ev[...]


Halloween Murder: The True Story of The Candy Man

I love Halloween. And thanks to member Erica's genius brain, we're celebrating the build-up to Halfoween, the halfway point to Halloween this year. Faith made these awesome banners for Halfoween and I'm in love. I picture little Dracula bunnies with fangs, hopping around among happy Easter eggs.   Today's story is not a happy one but a true one nonetheless, about a horrific murder that took place on Halloween night in 1974. This story is the cause of many urban legends, parental fears and movie inspirations, to this day. This is the true story of The Ca[...]


Halfway There

Hello Kittens!   Happy Halfoween! In honor of this spooky celebration, here is one of my favorite kill scenes, from one of my all-time favorite movies, Thir13en Ghosts. (It's not Halfoween if someone isn't getting bisected) While I was drumming up ideas for my blog post, I kept thinking of the fact that we're halfway to Halloween. It might just be me, but I feel like everything is "halfway" lately. My kid is always halfway clean. I'm halfway done the laundry (meaning it's sitting in the washer, slowly drying). My jobs are halfway done at work. The bottle[...]


A Definitive Ranking of My Halloween Costumes Just in Time for Halfoween

There are only 21 days left until Halfoween. While you do have three whole weeks to decide what YOUR Halfoween costume will be, it is never too soon to get inspired by mine.   For your convenience, here is a definitive ranking of my top 18 Halloween costumes to inspire what you could be for Halfoween.  Remember: The key to successful Halfoween is to dream big and go cheap. You. Are. Welcome.  A Definitive Ranking of My Halloween Costumes:   LAST PLACE. Halloween 1989, Williamsville, NY: "Mac Tonight" - That disturbing McDonald's mascot. I[...]


Happy Halfoween!

  April is officially the halfway mark until our favorite holiday...HALLOWEEN! Of course, this is a cause for celebration and what better way than to begin planning a huge Halloween extravaganza? There are a plethora of websites dedicated to DIY Halloween projects--from the easy to the extravagant. I created three Halloween Pinterest boards for those who are ready to begin planning.   Follow Kissed's board Halloween Lawn Decorations on Pinterest. I remember seeing someone post a photo similar to this from New York. It doesn't matter where you li[...]


Horror Houses: A Recap

Have you noticed that we have been enjoying some monthly themes over here on The Midnight Society? March's theme was Horror Houses. Let's take a look back at what we came up with...   Amy kicked things off with a look at the movie MONSTER HOUSE. Horror Houses: The Garbage Disposal That Messed Me Up for Life, a post where I talk about frightening garbage disposals and the weird things that scare us and stick. Mansions of Madness: Clue for Grown-Ups where Timon tells you what you need to be playing! Seriously, we all need more horror games in our lives, e[...]