A Definitive Ranking of My Halloween Costumes Just in Time for Halfoween


Halfoween is Saturday April 30th, 2016.

There are only 21 days left until Halfoween.

While you do have three whole weeks to decide what YOUR Halfoween costume will be, it is never too soon to get inspired by mine.  

For your convenience, here is a definitive ranking of my top 18 Halloween costumes to inspire what you could be for Halfoween. 

Remember: The key to successful Halfoween is to dream big and go cheap.




A Definitive Ranking of My Halloween Costumes:

Unknown 1142bfaeb977b1f7d17ad06007d79f78

LAST PLACE. Halloween 1989, Williamsville, NY: “Mac Tonight” – That disturbing McDonald’s mascot. I hated this costume. HATED it. But it was my idea. It was a too-small sweatshirt from the McKids collection at Sears with Mac Tonight’s picture on it. I “accidentally” lost the crescent moon hat-face my mom made me while trick-or-treating. The wool yarn that held it together it kept cutting into my cheeks. And I am pretty sure I was coming down with strep throat.
Handmade: $0


Hermoine Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.59.13 AM

17th PLACE. Halloween 2002, East Amherst, NY: “Hermoine Granger” – film version. Glue gunned the sweater stripes on with ribbon & the scarf scarf was thin felt (stapled & glue). Snooooooze.
Felt, ribbon, glue gun: $23


 Hippie hippies

16th PLACE. Halloween 1992, East Amherst, NY: “A Hippie” – It was my friend’s idea. I’m watching my neighbor try to mow over a huge branch. Note: making bellbottoms is a pain in the arse.
Borrowed/handmade everything: $0


BirdGirl Birdgirl_(Harvey_Birdman)

15th PLACE. 4th Annual Cheapoween 2014, Charlotte, NC: “Birdgirl” from Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law – This was a surprise for hubs, but I couldn’t figure out that stupid head piece (foam & felt). So frustrating, plus I didn’t know the character that well.
Foam & felt bits: $4


Bride 74740_445886772140037_1608551725_n
14th PLACE: Office Halloween Party 2012, Amherst, NY: “Bride-to-Be” – Forgot about the costume party at lunch so used my wedding shower dress and remembered a sash and paper flowers still in my desk drawer from a surprise office wedding shower the week before. Our wedding was 13 days later so Halloween was on the back burner.
Piecemeal: $0


13th PLACE: Halloween 1988, Williamsville, NY: “Court Jester” – Not my idea and it creeped the bejeezus out of me. The little head on a stick freaked me out and there were so many jingly balls hanging off of every piece of fabric.
Handmade by Mom & Aunt: $1,000,000.


Electric80sProm 1c2ef76d34e669b4ee78e26b2557fb9c
12th place. My 31st Tacky Birthday Party 2012, Tonawanda, NY: “80’s Prom Date” – Ran out of bedazzling gems and I never knew how to really tease my own hair. Almost nailed it.
Vintage prom dress from Goodwill: $18


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.41.42 AM Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.38.13 AM
11th PLACE. My 33rd Birthday Party 2014, Concord, NC: “Frodo Baggins” – I will never understand how curly hair works with bangs (it doesn’t). But I wore it best, Elijah.
One ring replica: $8.99
Plastic bubble pipe (pack of 8): $3


Jane Austen Jane_Austen
10th PLACE: Inaugural Cheapoween Party 2011, Amherst, NY: “Jane Austen” – I spent so much time decorating my place that I neglected my own costume. So, I put my hair in a bun, threw on a long burnt orange nightgown, borrowed pearls and makeup from Mom.
Quill feather for pen: $1


JKO 01714b0b472a1ab692d434ea3628f835
9th PLACE: “Dead Celebrities” Birthday Party 2007, Branford, CT: “Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis” – Stapled some felt together for the pillbox hat. Borrowed pearls from friend. Already had a cocktail bridesmaid’s dress.
Feathers and felt for pillbox hat: $13


Effie 1 thg_11.02ca
8th PLACE: Halloween 2012, West Seneca, NY: “Effie Trinket” – A friend knew I wanted to be her and surprised me with the wig, and the makeup (by hubs) was SOLID, but the costume (not shown) was piecemeal from things I had around the house.
Glass “reaping bowl”: $7


ZombieGryffindors Zombmoine
7th PLACE: Halloween 2009, New Haven, CT: “Hermoine Granger” (again) – If Voldemort Won version. We spent *days* getting the costumes perfect. Then, an hour before the party, we realized how clean we looked, so we burned, ripped, and bloodied them.
Ribbon and glue gun: $17


Effie 2 654583608c59794485b8e85de9b23650
6th PLACE. 2nd Annual Cheapoween 2012, Tonawanda, NY: “Effie Trinket” (again) – last minute costume with my wedding shower dress (again).
Press on nails: $1.78


Tiger face Angry-Tiger-With-Green-Eyes-Tattoo-1
5th PLACE. Halloween 1987, Williamsville, NY: “Tiger” – Fierce.
Ears: $2.99


GrumpyBear  d3309b4ee2c8bd1bd8225383a67b3267
4th PLACE. 3rd Annual Cheapoween 2013, Concord, NC: “Grumpy Bear”.
New hoodie & sweatpants: $24


Gilly 8f396b6ca7ac0202da25e8e0ff81982f
3rd PLACE. Halloween 2010, Buffalo, NY: “Gilly” – Crashed my cousin’s formal invite-only  costume party and no one even minded because that was my real hair.
T-Shirt Dress: $4
Assorted foam hearts: $7.99 


Jadis Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.18.04 AM
2nd PLACE. Halloween 2008, West Rock, CT: “Her Imperial Majesty, Jadis, Queen of Narnia, Chatelaine of Cair Pravel, Empress of the Lone Islands” – based on original chapter illustrations from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Yes, that’s a polar bear stole. I gutted them all. They were so cute and fluffy. And then they were skinned. And it was good.
Vintage old lady’s bra for crown: $12
Silver spraypaint: $3
Gauze for cape: $7
7 Stuffed polar bears: $30


MKG tumblr_ne6eaxGj5A1tllkl6o1_1280
1st PLACE. Office Halloween Party 2006, New Haven, CT: “Mary Katherine Gallagher” – is my Patronus.
Red nail polish to paint old glasses frames: $3.99


Galadriel Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.30.45 AM
HONORABLE MENTION: 6th Annual Cheapoween, 2016, Lexington, SC:  “Galadriel Entranced”.
Nailed it: $0


What is YOUR best/worst costume? Tell us in the comments and/or show us on Twitter! Happy #Halfoween!

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