happy birthday kathy


Happy Birthday Kathy!

2020 is over but our celebration for Kathy is not. We're celebrating all year long! Who is Kathy? photo by Gail Werner 2017 Besides a total badass, you mean? Kathy is a self-described cat-herder, book reader, and YA fantasy writer by day. She's also the author of Perfection (published by DIN), Click (featured on deadlyeverafter), What Lurks in the Darkness (published by Hocus Pocus & Co.), Within the Plum Attic (from anthology Murder They Wrote), and more! Most recently, you probably recognize Kathy as the author of The Path, from Burial Day B[...]


Happy Happy Birthday Kathy!!!!

Happy happy birthday Kathy! The spirit and the fairies are swirling and dancing around, celebrating you out in the graveyard as we speak. They mentioned something about the curse being broken with this birthday, but I'm not entirely sure what that means. We love Kathy for so many reasons. For one, she's the GIF queen. Don't believe me? Follow her on Twitter (you're welcome in advance). She's also an incredible writer. You can read her free scary story Crimson Reality here, you can follow her blog, and you can add her upcoming novel DOORS on Goodreads. The s[...]