Horror Coloring Books

You know what you need? A collection of horror coloring books. Now is the perfect time to embrace this. It's the holiday season! Time for magic! And stress! *throws glitter, which you now have to clean up* See what I mean? You need a good coloring session. Or possibly a list of gift ideas for your loved ones who could also use some time to unwind. And what could be better for that than these horror coloring books? Forget flowers and ponies, Edgar Allan Poe's raven is where it's at. 9 Horror Coloring Books on Amazon.com The Beauty of Horror, a GOREgeous Color[...]


Dear Krampus – Our Horror Holiday Wishlists

Dear Krampus, At this most wonderful time of the year, we at the Midnight Society, have a few humble wishes to make our holiday season extra dark. Dear Krampus, I love Canada. I really do. But the fact that winter lasts 5 to 6 months means I’m going to need some especially creepy things under my tree this year to keep my dark little heart aglow. Here are a few goodies I would love to unwrap this Christmas morning over hot chocolate (extra marshmallows): I may not be able to fly like my bat-minions, but these Black Rubber Bat Wings would make my goth heart[...]


Merry Krampus!

I remember when I was young and my mother used to say to me at Christmas time, “If you aren’t good, you’ll be getting a bag of switches and ashes instead of candy.” Of course, I was always good. As time passed and I became older I realized that our Americanized Santa Claus had his roots in a much older St. Nicholas. What I didn’t know at the time was that St. Nicholas had a counterpart, a monstrous creature called Krampus who gave new meaning to the words in a common Christmas song, Santa Claus is coming to Town. Some of the lyrics are:          [...]


Holly Horror Christmas

Are things getting a little too... holly jolly around your neck of the woods? I love the holidays and queue up Christmas movies like I've been waiting all year, but man, some of those decorations are just a little too pristine for my tastes. If there is any holiday that's creepy, it's Christmas. Some old dude creeps around in your house and leaves things under a tree? Strangers knock on your door and sing at you? It's begging for some more in depth horror story treatment, I'm telling you. I've compiled a little Pinterest Board of Holly Horror, with the best wreat[...]