Dear Krampus – Our Horror Holiday Wishlists

Dear Krampus,

At this most wonderful time of the year, we at the Midnight Society, have a few humble wishes to make our holiday season extra dark.

Dear Krampus,

I love Canada. I really do. But the fact that winter lasts 5 to 6 months means I’m going to need some especially creepy things under my tree this year to keep my dark little heart aglow.

Here are a few goodies I would love to unwrap this Christmas morning over hot chocolate (extra marshmallows):
I may not be able to fly like my bat-minions, but these Black Rubber Bat Wings would make my goth heart flutter!

For extra special occasions, I’d love these Black Glitter Vinyl Wings. Both would go a long way to gussy up my dancing shoes for those nights on the dance floor (or dancing on graves…a goth girl’s gotta have a little fun under the full moon, right?).

For those wintry nights when it’s just to brisk to brave the cold, I’d love to snuggle up under this Ouija Board with Bat Fleece Throw. It is the perfect thing to snooze under with visions of skulls dancing in my head.

Now that I’m all toasty, it’s the perfect time to think about 2019 and conjuring my goals for the coming year. It’ll be easy with this deliciously dark Marigold Tarot Deck from Amrit Brar. To be honest, I love the gorgeously illustrated deck, but since I’ve been a perfect angel this year, why not splurge for the Gilded Gold version? I deserve it!

Mary Rajotte

So, dear Krampus. I would be eternally grateful if you would grant my wishes this year. I will leave a tumbler of warm schnapps on the hearth for you to enjoy.

Yours always,


Dear Krampus,

I could really use a few new horror themed items. This year, I am asking for all things Stephen King. Barnes & Noble has a nice selection of IT action figures, POPs, and blind boxes. As a huge IT fan, any of these would float my boat!






Thank you, Krampus for filling my holiday with the joy of horror.



Amy Giuffrida

Dear Krampus,

Wintry winds are just starting to reach where I live, and I’m excited. I know it’s your chilled breath blowing holiday cheer and fear our way. In fact, I caught a glimpse of you in my neighborhood just the other day!

Christmastime was made for ghost stories, and I’d love A Christmas Carol Book Scarf and Writing Gloves from StorieArts. They’re a rich, blood red and are printed with the chapter about Marley’s ghost. They’ll keep me warm while I type up my own spooky tales.

Please Krampus, I want to read over the holidays, too, and I’m in the mood for a gothic story. Please won’t you bring me the FORBIDDEN BRIDES OF THE FACELESS SLAVES IN THE SECRET HOUSE OF THE NIGHT OF DREAD DESIRE by Neil Gaiman? You can’t possibly get more gothic than that.

And Krampus, you can come visit and stream scary movies and TV with me if you get me Shudder. Is there anything better than curling up with your horror besties on a cold night and watching something terrifying?

Krampus, I know you’ve got nasty surprises for us all in your sack, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve brought for me.

Happy travels on Krampusnacht!


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