Dear Krampus – Our Horror Holiday Wishlists

Dear Krampus, At this most wonderful time of the year, we at the Midnight Society, have a few humble wishes to make our holiday season extra dark. Dear Krampus, I love Canada. I really do. But the fact that winter lasts 5 to 6 months means I’m going to need some especially creepy things under my tree this year to keep my dark little heart aglow. Here are a few goodies I would love to unwrap this Christmas morning over hot chocolate (extra marshmallows): I may not be able to fly like my bat-minions, but these Black Rubber Bat Wings would make my goth heart[...]


Bloody Valentine Gift Giving

I'm all for love and everything, but there are so many types of gifts you could give your loved one this year. Rather than the typical gifts of chocolates or flowers, I think the best way to celebrate is with some bloody gifts and a horror marathon. The internet is full of great gift ideas, so if you're in the market for some fun...check these out. GIFTS FOR HIM cafepress.com How about a great shirt for your guy? What could be better than buying him a shirt to represent the show, Dexter?             Everyone can use another[...]


Horror for the Holidays

I've been seeing a few of these "Holiday Buying Guides" floating around, but I have yet to come across something dedicated to horror fans. With twelve days left before Christmas hits, and Hanukkah starting up next week, I figured we Midnighters might very well need a list of our own. I'd like to disclaim this by saying that the number one item on anyone's list ought to be "books" but since you know and I know that you're already asking for "books", I'll spare you the recommendation and jump straight into the cute stuff. For your shopping pleasure, a few holiday[...]