Horror for the Holidays

I’ve been seeing a few of these “Holiday Buying Guides” floating around, but I have yet to come across something dedicated to horror fans. With twelve days left before Christmas hits, and Hanukkah starting up next week, I figured we Midnighters might very well need a list of our own.

I’d like to disclaim this by saying that the number one item on anyone’s list ought to be “books” but since you know and I know that you’re already asking for “books”, I’ll spare you the recommendation and jump straight into the cute stuff.

For your shopping pleasure, a few holiday gift ideas for the horror fans in your life (or, yourself, if you’re self-gifting. Don’t feel guilty, I totally bought myself a Yuletide present too.)

Gift Ideas for Horror Fans

You might pretend to be a grown up, but I know just as well as you do that there’s still a child inside who loves toys. Appease both your love of horror and your inner child with Funko’s Vinyl Horror-themed figurines. They make great stocking stuffers.


Funko Pop! Figures

Product Page: Funko Pop Vinyl Figures


Horror-Themed Art Prints

For the art-lover, a little subtle apartment decoration. The Classic Mosnters series is available as individual prints, or as a set. Something you can appreciate year-round.

Horror Prints

Product Page: Etsy


The Babadook Book

We’re all lovers of The Babadook film, but did you know that they’ve kickstarted a project to produce The Babadook popup book itself? The project has already reached its minimum funding goal, but you can still order your book without any fuss.

The Babadook Book

Product Page: The Babadook Book


The Box of Dread

Sometimes gift giving can go on and on: you can ensure a few months’ of ghoulish treasures showing up at your door by subscribing to the Box of Dread: a package of horror-themed goodies delivered to you once a month for three months.

Box of Dread Subscription

Product Page: The Box of Dread


What are you buying for the horror lovers in your life this holiday season? Let us know below in the comments. (There are a few more shopping days left, and you know we’re keeping our eyes peeled.)

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