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Horror Houses: A Recap

Have you noticed that we have been enjoying some monthly themes over here on The Midnight Society? March's theme was Horror Houses. Let's take a look back at what we came up with...   Amy kicked things off with a look at the movie MONSTER HOUSE. Horror Houses: The Garbage Disposal That Messed Me Up for Life, a post where I talk about frightening garbage disposals and the weird things that scare us and stick. Mansions of Madness: Clue for Grown-Ups where Timon tells you what you need to be playing! Seriously, we all need more horror games in our lives, e[...]


The Horror House of Dr. Who

This month we are celebrating horror houses, and since it's also my day to show you how my favorite science fiction show crosses into horror, I've combined the two. I give you one of my favorite Dr. Who episodes, written by Neil Cross, airing in April of 2013...   Setting...1974, Caliburn House, a huge, creepy mansion at night during a thunderstorm. Our cast... Professor Alec Palmer, ghost hunter. Emma Grayling, psychic. Clara Oswald, a hesitant explorer, constantly turning to find nothing behind her. The Doctor, who thought finding a ghost[...]


Mansions of Madness: Clue for Grown-Ups

  March's theme is horror houses and I finally get to talk about my all time favorite board game. The one, the only Mansions of Madness. The set-up is you play as one of the investigators from the Arkham Horror universe or as the Keeper, who controls the eldritch forces trying to stop you. You'll explore mysterious locations from mad scientist labs to mysterious, foreboding... um, mansions as you rush to solve mysteries of cosmic proportions. As the player, you move from room to room, exploring, finding items, falling into traps, and uncovering clue[...]


Horror Houses: The Garbage Disposal That Messed Me Up for Life

I watched a lot of horror as a kid, but the movies didn't really scare me. Heights? Snakes? Chickens? Terrifying. But scary movies didn't freak me out, they felt safe, like home. Except for one. I watched it in the middle of a month long movie marathon. My father's father had died, dad was depressed, I was home from school, and dad rented several movies everyday. One scary story after another. And then there was this one. I was eight years old. And suddenly, I was curled around a pillow, too scared to cry, too scared to sit on furniture. (If you're on the floo[...]