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Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp – Part I

I spent the past weekend at Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp. My cohort of writer grunts faced brutally honest horror and science fiction writers and an editor, and they pushed us to self-edit and craft our best stories. Writers (especially speculative fiction writers) who want to take their craft to the next level will be transformed by Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp. It took two years for me to believe my writing was ready after JG Faherty recommended it to me. Application to Borderlands Boot Camp included a writing sample, after all. Once accepted, I[...]


Where to Query Your MG Horror Novel (Part 2)

The Where to Query series is now off to a running start and if I'm lucky, I'll have about as many addendums to this as there are Land Before Time movies. I wanted to do this because sometimes your eyes start to cross when you're researching agents. I know that sometimes I find myself wishing that someone would just make a list for me. So, here you go friends. A magical list put together just for your middle grade horror novel!   I've written one post previously on this, titled: Where to Query Your YA Horror Novel. That post is helpful for anyone to re[...]


Going Back at IT (The First 120 Pages)

As I wrote about a little while back, I am attempting to make my way through Stephen king's IT for the first time, and this is my fifth attempt. The previous four have all ended somewhere between the 500-700-page mark, if I remember correctly. So, I read through the first 120 pages or so, which, according to my Kindle, is approxiamtely 11% of the book. I just finished being introduced to Beverly, the sixth of our seven main characters. Her introduction was arguably the most jarring, as we are given a very close (and graphic) look at the abusive relationship that[...]


Japanese Horror in YA: The Girl From the Well

When the rest of the crew suggested to do a month devoted to J-Horror, I was like, what? I hate to admit it, but I did not know what J-Horror meant! Thankfully they explained and I was excited! Who wouldn't want to learn about Japanese horror? It was something I didn't know much about. If you don't either, that's okay! The fabulous Amy wrote a post about it just the other day. You may want to start here. You know much I love young adult novels, so I set out to find a few J-Horror inspired young adult novels and I was NOT disappointed. Check it out. Hello J-Horro[...]