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New Year, Better Year: Setting Horror Writing Goals

That weird little plant you scraped up from the gutter. That pulsating mountain off the coast of Japan. That collection of body parts you procured for your experiments. Can you feel the unearthly forces about to burst forth and release the monster that could conquer the world? On New Year's Day 2018, I posted New Year, New You, a story about becoming what you truly want to be. Behind the story were horror writing goals I set for myself. I wrote more. I submitted more stories for publication and contests. I applied to writing events. It was scary and hard wo[...]


Over the River and Through the Wood

I grew up celebrating Thanksgiving on the edge of a Florida swamp. Our cabin was perched in the crook of a bend of the Little Withlacoochee River. It stood on eight-foot posts because sometimes the blackwater river would come out of its banks and spread through the swamp. You’d have to wade to the cabin then, shuffling to find the hidden logs, your legs lost in the dark water. It was pretty great. Thanksgiving Day was spent fishing, exploring the woods and making holiday crafts my mother devised. One year, we traced each other’s outlines on butcher paper. E[...]


Freebie: Midnight Society Letterhead (free download!)

I'm quite the ephemerist. I love old papers and documents. I collect them. It's a kind of sickness really, because every single paper good I find and love, I buy. If you've ever looked inside my writing desk that's filled to the brim, you know it's true. So I thought it would be fun to make my own stationary today and share it with all of you! Below is Midnight Society letterhead (US 8.5 X 11 inches) that you can print out and use for all of your otherworldly, nefarious, and undead business letters. You can download this for free below in two different colors, p[...]


Vote for You Favorite Banner

Since I've taken to writing a weekly blog post about writing horror, we've decided that my posts need to have a name. Coming up with a name was simple, especially since Jolene and Faith did all the work on brainstorming a list for me to choose from. With that nailed down--Writing Bloody--Faith has created a few banners to use too. The problem is, I'm not quite sure which one to pick.   This is where you come in. Which banner is your favorite? Let me know in the comments and I'll announce the winning artwork next Tuesday!   1.  This one is simple, le[...]


Top Scare Flash Fiction Contest

With the philosophy in mind that anything can be scary, The Midnight Society brings you Top Scare, a new flash fiction contest. The Contest Post to the comments section below a piece of flash fiction (700 words or fewer) about the seemingly benign noun of the month. This month's benign noun is a mailbox. Here are some images that could get you thinking, but you are not required to use them: The Prize On Sunday, October 5, the Top Scare of all the entries will be announced. The winner gets a badge specially designed for that month. What will it l[...]