Jordan Peele


Midnight Society Movie Night: US

This month join me in watching Us, for it is time, once again, for...     Come watch a horror movie with me! You don't have to leave your house. Snuggle up on your couch with some popcorn or chocolate and pop in a fun movie. You know you want to, because this movie is unnerving and fun.   Written and directed by Jordan Peele, Us arrived in theaters in 2019 and we all were dying to go. I ran to the theater and enjoyed it a lot. The film left my brain spinning with so many thoughts. A little humor. A little creepy. A twisted story of class th[...]


Us and the Family Ties that Bind

I keep seeing their faces. Their eyes. Madness radiated from them. The damaged woman. The mother. The final girl. Her face was full of angry, terrifying joy. Her face was twisted by secrets. It's been a couple days since I saw Us, Jordan Peele's latest horror film, and I'm not sure which woman is haunting me more. Us is a story of families, of community, and class. It's also the story of two women and how dangerous they became when cornered, how they defended the life they'd created. Adelaide fights for her family. She clings to them, unwilling to give them[...]