Jack the Ripper, Identified After 126 Years

Yep, you read that right. According to this very extensive article from The Daily Mail, an amateur sleuth, an expert in DNA and genetics, and 7 years of exhaustive work have cracked the case that has baffled detectives and historians for over a century. If you're a die-hard CSI junkie, you HAVE to read this article. But for those who want the short version (but how can you call yourselves horror fans, and not read the article about Jack the Ripper?!?!?!), here it is... You might have watched the movie 'From Hell' with Johnny Depp: And maybe you've pictured thi[...]


Dark Heroes: What Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Teaches Us About Good and Evil

When Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children came out, most of the reviews focused on the clever and interesting use of the vintage photographs. Multiple imitation books have emerged since, with varying success, and a visit to Amazon’s “recommended for you” page gives me several titles based on my love of the developing Peregrine series. However, as much as I like the vintage photos, they are not what propels my continuing interest in Ransom Riggs’ stories. When I was thirteen, I discovered Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising series, and fell in lov[...]


Victorian Valhallas: Cemetery Picnics

The Victorians had a very peculiar tradition of picnicking in cemeteries. After the death of Queen Victoria’s hubby in 1861, the entire country donned their mourning attire. For forty years. (To be fair, Victoria only asked her court for three years of goth gear. Moved by her dedication to Prince Albert, they persisted in continuing the tradition until the queen’s death, at which point the custom was put to rest, and so began the Edwardian period in Britain.) I’d like to say the tendency to accessorize all in black, cover the household mirrors with black[...]