Ghostly Wishes

I wish I had a ghostly tale to tell, one where I had a scary encounter, one to knock your socks off! Sadly, I do not. Not even close. Ghosts fascinate me. What lingers on the other side of the veil makes me quiver with delight. A movie about ghosts? I'm there, the first in line. A show that follows ghost hunters? I watch them all. Any TV series that tells real life experiences? Ghost hunting? I've been...twice. And will go again, just ask me. Dude. Ghosts. Are. Intriguing. Why? Because we don't know everything. Maybe we can't know everything, which mak[...]


Let’s Watch a #Horror Movie…MAMA

I love ghosts, truly my favorite part of the world of horror. They fascinate me. So for this month's movie I chose one of my favorite ghost stories. Co-written and directed by Andres Mushietti, with the fantastic Guillermo del Toro as executive producer, Mama hit theaters in 2013. Dude. I went. And I was the only one in the theater. Empty theaters are creepy...in case you wondered. The shadow play from the flickering light caused me to glance into the space around me more than once. I had a blast! So, the movie! Let's watch it, shall we? TOGETHER! YES.[...]