Ghostly Wishes

Ghost Month May TMS 1

I wish I had a ghostly tale to tell, one where I had a scary encounter, one to knock your socks off! Sadly, I do not. Not even close.

Ghosts fascinate me. What lingers on the other side of the veil makes me quiver with delight.

A movie about ghosts? I’m there, the first in line.

A show that follows ghost hunters? I watch them all.

Any TV series that tells real life experiences?

Dean Winchester from show Supernatural...taken from Google Images

Dean Winchester from show Supernatural…taken from Google Images

Ghost hunting? I’ve been…twice. And will go again, just ask me.

Dude. Ghosts. Are. Intriguing.

Why? Because we don’t know everything. Maybe we can’t know everything, which makes us search for answers, for proof with more gusto.

I’ve never seen a ghost, a shadow person, a misty apparition. I’ve never heard a sound I couldn’t explain or a disembodied voice. I’ve never felt the chill of terror from an unseen entity or force.

But I want to. So much.

Now those people out there who have had encounters might look at me like I’m nuts. Why would I want to face fear itself? Why look into the eyes of something that could potentially hurt you?

I don’t know! It’s this strange need tumbling inside of me.

Mostly, I believe ghosts are residual energy, left over emotions that continue to exist…the remnants of lives too strong to disappear completely. But I do believe that some souls don’t go onto whatever awaits us after death, that for whatever reason, they linger here, but not here. There’s always a reason. That’s what I want to know.

So at the movies as some are cowering behind their hands, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting to learn why…why is that soul still here, what do they want?

From Dr. Who episode Hide...Google Images

From Dr. Who episode Hide…Google Images

When the people giving their account of an experience end the story with…”We left.” I cry out, “Why? Find out what the entity wants!”

This all leads to the big question.


Scene from Syfy show Being Human...taken from Google Images

Scene from Syfy show Being Human…taken from Google Images

Would I hear a strange sound and run? Would I feel the touch of some unseen force and freak out? Would I continue to live in a house where I woke up with bite and scratch marks on my body (because, dude, I do believe that ghosts can hurt the living)? Would I research the past to find out how to help the spirit?

Scene from Dr. Who... taken from Google Images

Scene from Dr. Who… taken from Google Images

I do know that when I went on ghost hunting adventures, I did go down the dark hallway. I went towards sounds to figure out what they were. I was the first to volunteer to head off into the shadows.

But I have yet to see or hear or feel anything that was definitely paranormal. But I have hope, that someday my ghostly wish will come true.

If not, after I die, I’m coming back to haunt EVERYONE.


And tonight. Join me on Twitter for a live-tweet of one of my favorite ghost stories…MAMA! Press play at 9 EST and add your thoughts #ToroMAMA!

Poster for movie Mama

Poster for movie Mama


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