You Can’t Do a Slasher Movie as a TV Series

OR CAN YOU? Alright kids, if you haven't heard, MTV is putting out Scream, yes as in the Scream movies, as a TV series. All of the promos for this show make me so happy, but this one's my favorite. The best thing about the Scream movies was that they have a sense of humor about them, largely put together by Randy. You remember Randy? source   I really hope the TV series has a Randy. Here are two more trailers, because they're actually funny which makes them worth watching. The series will premiere on June 30th. MURDER. MAYHEM. JOKES. Will you[...]


MTV’s Eye Candy

I was super disappointed to get the news this weekend. A new TV show that I've fallen in love with has been cancelled. This is basically my life. I'm cursed. The moment I like a show, it's cancelled. Have you guys heard of EYE CANDY? Have you heard of Eye Candy? Eye Candy is adapted from a book by R.L. Stine. Eye Candy (show) is about a hacker named Lindy who reluctantly joins the world of online dating. Once immersed in it, one of the men she's dating turns out to be a total creep and deadly stalker who targets her and anyone who she loves. Eye Candy stars V[...]