I was super disappointed to get the news this weekend. A new TV show that I’ve fallen in love with has been cancelled. This is basically my life. I’m cursed. The moment I like a show, it’s cancelled. Have you guys heard of EYE CANDY?


Have you heard of Eye Candy?

Eye Candy is adapted from a book by R.L. Stine. Eye Candy (show) is about a hacker named Lindy who reluctantly joins the world of online dating. Once immersed in it, one of the men she’s dating turns out to be a total creep and deadly stalker who targets her and anyone who she loves.

Eye Candy stars Victoria Justice, Casey Deidrick, and Harvey Guillen (who I absolutely adore).

Here, watch the trailer!


What did I like about it?

So many things. I loved the chemistry and tension between Victoria and Casey, I loved the who-done-it atmosphere, and I loved the creepy, sick feeling of seeing things through the serial killer’s point of view, which is a fresh new take that I haven’t seen much of before. I liked it too because though it did stray somewhat from the actual book by R.L. Stine, it was still engaging, interesting, and clever.And honestly, I thought it was wildly entertaining and well scripted. Oh, and have I mentioned Casey? Because Casey. I mean, I was just super pumped that MTV finally had a smart, clever, sexy TV show…but I guess excellent television programming isn’t something MTV wants to be known for. Look, all I have to say is #TeamTindy.

Watch episodes online

MTV has had all episodes online for free streaming here. With the news of the cancellation, who knows if they will continue to keep them up. But check them out. They are fantastic. Just remember…it’s cancelled. Be prepared to kiss it goodbye!

Bring Eye Candy Back

There are several things in the works to try and bring it back. Hashtags like  and  are trending on Twitter. There’s even a petition making the rounds on the internet with more than 15,000 signatures. Will MTV bring it back? Who knows. I’ve lost all faith in that station now. I mean, anyone remember when they actually played music?


Have you guys seen Eye Candy? Do you want to see it brought back for a season 2? Let me know in the comments below.

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