There’s a cool new zombie show on the CW called iZombie. The story—adapted by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, originated as a comic published July 2010, by Vertigo—an imprint of DC Comics. If this line up of awesome doesn’t get you chanting: Rob Thomas and DC Comics and zombies, oh my! I’d be surprised.

And this is NOTHING like any zombie story you’ve ever heard of. Liv, a talented medical resident who has it all together, attends a fancy party on a yacht. After refusing to take a new drug, the yacht is suddenly under attack by zombies. Liv is scratched as she’s thrown overboard and come to in a body bag lying on the beach. She’s alive, sort of.

She easily gets a job with the local coroner, which is where she secures her steady diet of human brains. But there’s a side-effect from eating brains, Liv can see their previous owner’s death. She also gains some pretty cool powers, like speaking Russian.

I watched the pilot episode and love the idea of the show. The brain eating—ala hot sauce—brings horror, humor, and crime fighting together into one neat little package. If you haven’t yet seen the show, you can hop on over to The CW to stream the first episodes.

Source for photo http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/I,_Zombie_Vol_1_1

Source for video: http://youtube.com

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