I love watching TV and movies. Obviously. But what you don’t know is that recently, my family and I decided NOT to pay outrageous fees to have cable. I won’t go on a ridiculous rant, but I will say this…Netflix downloads have cost me a TON of money because my internet provider CHARGES ME FOR GOING OVER 250 DURING PEAK TIMES. AND OF COURSE THIS IS 5 PM TO 1 AM.

I’m finished.

I promise.

And for those that are asking why I don’t just change internet services. I can’t. There is only one, unless I want to go back to the Stone Age of dial up–and that will NEVER happen.

Anyway, I’ve been borrowing movies and TV seasons from my public library. I’ve caught up on all episodes of JUSTIFIED and HOUSE OF CARDS. Yeah, I know. Not horror, get to the point. Well, my point is that I have found what all the fuss is about with the series GRIMM.

GRIMM is a cross between SUPERNATURAL and ONCE UPON A TIME. I love the original Grimm Fairytales, but this is even better. Not to mention that Nick is H-O-T! I’m glad that even though I’m late to the party on this one…I’ve finally found a new series to be addicted to. Plus, how can you not like a show that start its first season off with The Eurythmics–Sweet Dreams?