Announcing Our New Midnight Marauder!

The Midnight Marauder (formerly known as Midnight Matron) is a member of the Midnight Society team. He or she is someone that goes above and beyond to contribute to the Midnight Society, to our readers, and embraces the wonders of macabre like no other.

Why did we change the name?

According to the dictionary, a marauder is one who roves and raids in search of plunder. Suzy G. actually came up with the fantastic new name and I think it fits us perfectly. Each member certainly roves and explores the macabre and the depths of midnight. It’s within those inky shadows that we steal the darkest moments and present them to you here on this blog.

What does this mean?

The winner of the Midnight Marauder is awarded the following:

  • Bragging Right
  • The Glory of the Underworld
  • $20 Giftcard to Amazon, Starbucks, or Barnes & Noble (winner’s choice)

Announcing the Midnight Marauder

The Midnight Marauder was easy.  She’s someone who works hard at everything that she does. She’s always upbeat  and ready for anything. She has a can-do attitude and is always going one step over above and beyond. She posts religiously and is even more consistant than I am.

She loves the show Bates Motel and recently blogged about it.

She reads and picks out the most  FABULOUS books for our book club. Seriously. How does she do it?

I love how when she reads something, her mind is always swirling and curling around other horror books and how they relate.

She finds the best horror shorts! Seriously. I’d never heard of Dave Eggers before her.

She loves BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. I mean, do I even have to say anymore?

She’s a fantastic photographer and takes the coolest pictures. Then she displays then on her blog, asking readers if it’s spooky or not.

She’s always finding fantastic horror movies and shows and sharing them with us. The Babadook anyone?

She singly handedly runs our monthly book chats each month on Twitter. You can find them using hashtag #MidnightBooks. I love her questions and her thought provoking analysis.

She’s also partaking in a fantastic reading challenge that you can participate in. Details on her blog!






Jennifer Brinkmeyer

Here lies Jennifer Brinkmeyer, all dressed up with no place to go.

She died when a wind came out of the night, chilling and killing her, as she walked the bluffs at Iowa’s Lake MacBride with her lover.

Copies of her undergraduate manuscripts have been looted from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in an outcry of grief. At Graceland University, the same fate befell her master’s research in teaching writing.

Her high school students have asked who the sub is going to be.

A member of the Horror Writers Association, Jennifer enjoyed unweeding her garden, singing “My Sharona” at Prairie Ghost Karaoke, and finding excuses to raid her costume chest(s). Her favorite books were The Great GatsbyLord of the FliesThe RoadHow to Leave HialeahThe Brief History of the DeadThings Fall Apart, and the entire Fear Street series.

On Sunday at dawn, a Viking funeral will send her to the afterlife, Jennifer‘s current manuscript, Seed of Body, in her cold, dead hands. Following the ship’s flaming demise, the family invites you to a brunch of mojitos and comfort food.

For séances to contact Jennifer, please visit these spots:

Twitter            Website


Congratulations Jennifer! Thank you for everything that you do for the Midnight Society.

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