Meet the Newest Member of The Midnight Society – Here lies Suzy G!

When we were seeking out a new member of The Midnight Society, we know that it would be tough to find someone who just “got” what we’re all about. We needed someone who wouldn’t think twice about the picnics we hold in the cemetery on our Midnight Mansion grounds. We needed someone who would be fine with the ghosts in the graveyard and the ghouls under the stairs.

Which is why it was so perfect that Suzy G. came along and wanted a bite out of the fun. She’s fun, she’s got pep, and she knows how to slay a vampire (hopefully). So please, without any further delay, meet the newest member of The Midnight Society.

Divider-1Here lies Suzy G.



Suzy G–writer, sinner, insomniac–died of an overdose of sarcasm. It came as a surprise to no one.

In life she enjoyed beautifully creepy things. Her love affair with horror began at the tender age of seven when she watched the epic 80’s movie The Fog. Not too long after that she discovered John Carpenter and Stephen King… it was really all downhill from there.

Suzy G was known to love pie and warm weather. It was her life’s greatest wish to amass an army of cats and lead a solitary life in a seaside cave where she could listen to the waves by day and howl at the moon by night. She’s super annoyed to have died before that worked out.

In lieu of a cave, her spirit haunts the following places:


Twitter: @ItsMeSuzyG

YouTube: YouTube.com/ItsMeSuzyG

Facebook: facebook.com/ItsMeSuzyG


Welcome to the team Suzy G!  I’m sure it will be a scream. Suzy will be posting every Friday morning. So be sure to stay tuned for freaky Fridays!

See you at midnight,

Jolene - Midnight Society Signatures

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