Guys, the internet is a scary place. I know because I found several creatures from my nightmares on here just yesterday. So, of course I thought it would only be fair to share the scary with all of you. And by share, I mean take you on a short but disturbing tour around the interwebz. Here are three articles I found this week that are guaranteed to freak you the freak out.

Dog-human sculpture art by Patricia Piccinini

I mean, it literally looks like a dog/human hybrid. So exquisitely strange.

Terrifying Mega Worm from Australia

Just what is up with Australia and all their freaky deaky animals? HOW DO YOU PEOPLE SURVIVE OVER THERE? 😉 😉

Annnnnnd let’s not forget this Spider Vine that went viral. Warning: what you are about to see will make you feel very icky. Possibly even squirmy. And also, that pic is not pubic hair. In case you were wondering.

Have you found any creepishly cool things on the web this week? Share the love– er, I mean horror– with the rest of us!

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