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The Midnight Society

The Midnight Society 

We update you daily on the creepy crawly world out there, wouldn’t you like to get to know some of us a little better? I posed some questions to The Midnight Society members below, and they gravefully gave up some details on their Halloween lives.


Jolene - Midnight Society Signatures


Jolene-Haley-200x300What are your Halloween traditions? 

I trick-or-treated for a long time until I just couldn’t get away with it anymore…we’re talking well into my twenties. Now, we mainly watch movies and hand out candy. We usually watch scary movies. Plus, where I live in Huntington Beach, they have a huge free celebration on Main St. on the beach so we usually stop down there for a bit.

What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

I was Little Red Riding hood one year. My brother dressed up as the wolf. We spent the entire month in our costumes chasing each other around. It was glorious. Oh, and one year I was Ariel, you know, The Little Mermaid. I even had a long red wig. I was wearing it for first grade parade around school. This bitch named Brook pulled my wig off to be mean. If I ever see her again, I’m going to pop her right in the kisser.

What do you love best about Halloween?

I love EVERYTHING. The idea of being someone else for the night. Free candy. Intrigue. Mysteries. Scary movies. Graveyards. The idea that strange and wonderful things can happen on Halloween. And this year, I love our Midnight Society month of celebration. <3


Amy - Midnight Society Signatures


Amy G.

What are your Halloween traditions?

My entire family loves Halloween. The best part is creating the kids’ costumes, which we never purchase. Last year, my daughter wanted to be Bloody Mary. We searched for the perfect dress at the thrift shop. After finding a nightgown and flowers, we took fake blood and went to town! It was the most fun we’ve ever had. At the last minute, my son decided to trick-or-treat. I finally found a use for my bridesmaid dress! He became Tim Curry from Rocky Horror Picture Show and we had a blast! And what would Halloween be without a scary movie? We always choose one to watch after trick-or-treating. For us, it’s a wonderful family night.




What are your Halloween traditions?
 On Halloween, we throw a party. There’s a cutthroat costume contest, games, treats, dancing, and movies. Leading up to Halloween, I scare the neighbor kids with my decorations and watch a horror movie everyday. I spend time learning about the character I’ve chosen for my costume. We host a pumpkin decorating event and go to haunted houses. This year, we’re doing a karaoke challenge. People are dressing up in costumes and singing songs (some chosen from this list I made). We’ll rate each others’ performances. The winner will be honey roasted at the Halloween party!
What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? Being Buffy last year was a lot of fun. I did the movie look. I know to some people that doesn’t count, but that was my first experience with Buffy. As a child, I admired her so much that I would wander around my neighborhood with a stake in broad daylight pretending to have cramps (to the best of my prepubescent knowledge). Also, I’d like to dress as TV Buffy on the daily. TV Buffy is not a costume choice; she’s a lifestyle choice.

What do you love best about Halloween? Costuming. I look for any possible opportunity to play dress-up, and this is the biggest opportunity of the year for such fun.


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TA Brock Author Pic


* What are your Halloween traditions?
We trick-or-treat, and then watch scary movies after the kidlets go to bed.
* What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?
Last year I was sea weed. So far, that’s been my favorite. It really worked well with my dreadlocks, and I had a cool sea weed masquerade mask with shells and moss and good stuff like that. It wasn’t scary, but it was cool.
* What do you love best about Halloween?
I like making my kids’ costumes and decorating. The crafty-ness of it all, that’s my favorite part. AND all the spooky books and movies that release during October!
Faith - Midnight Society Signatures
faith mckay* What are your Halloween traditions?
I take an #EverydayisHalloween approach and start every October off by pulling out Buffy (If I don’t watch Fear, Itself then Halloween didn’t happen) and some of my favorite Roseanne episodes, which are pretty fantastic. And I watch Hocus Pocus 1-Infinite times. Some years I carve pumpkins, some years, I don’t, and I always hodge podge together weird costumes at the last minute.
* What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?
Probably the year I was an alien. I was ten years old and I worked for months to sew my costume, with a big purple headpiece and green make up for my face and arms and legs. It was incredibly uncomfortable!
* What do you love best about Halloween?
Decorations! I love driving around and checking out the houses that go all out with paintings in their windows and cobwebs and skeletons in trees. I appreciate you, front yard decorators! It’s also the anniversary of the day I met my husband.
  • Kathy Palm
    October 22, 2014

    You are all awesome!

  • krystal jane
    October 22, 2014

    Very cool!
    And Buffy the Movie TOTALLY counts! That’s awesome.

  • T.A. Brock
    October 23, 2014

    That Buffy costume is EPIC. Love it!

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