Welcome New Member Mary Rajotte!

Another spirit has arrived in the graveyard after we played a little too hard with the Ouiji board that Faith brought to our last meeting. We regret that we killed Mary but only a little because she's a delightful spirit to add to our bunch. Mary actually already has a post live, because she's cool like that, but just in case you don't already know her, here's a little bit more about her. ***** Welcome Mary! Colonies of bats across Canada left their bell towers with a mournful flourish the day Mary Rajotte passed from this earth. Her Cancerian nature lent h[...]


Welcome to the Midnight Society, Erica!

We are extremely lucky to have nine amazing members. Faith, Kira, Kathy, Kim, Amy, Timon, Brian, and Jenna are all so fantastic. So naturally, we couldn't help ourselves when we were having a party this last Saturday night and someone broke out the Ouija board.   That's how we met Erica. We were a little skeptical of the contact until we asked her to reveal herself and well, let's just say that she proved her otherwordliness well enough. We think you'll love her. Really. Just try and ignore the black eyes. Welcome to the Midnight Society Erica! Mi[...]


Welcome New Member Jenna Johnson!

Another spirit has arrived in the graveyard! Poor thing...she never saw it coming. This post is long overdue as Jenna already has one post live (and many more planned), where she talks FEAR. We're delighted to have her spirit join our ranks. Please welcome, Jenna!   ***** Welcome Jenna Johnson! Jenna Johnson of Riverside, California was found late yesterday evening covered in blood and surrounded by her own books. It seems she was impaled while once again attempting to re-organize her bookshelves. She left behind a legion of unfinished manuscripts an[...]


Meet the Newest Member of The Midnight Society – Here lies Suzy G!

When we were seeking out a new member of The Midnight Society, we know that it would be tough to find someone who just "got" what we're all about. We needed someone who wouldn't think twice about the picnics we hold in the cemetery on our Midnight Mansion grounds. We needed someone who would be fine with the ghosts in the graveyard and the ghouls under the stairs. Which is why it was so perfect that Suzy G. came along and wanted a bite out of the fun. She's fun, she's got pep, and she knows how to slay a vampire (hopefully). So please, without any further delay,[...]