Welcome New Member Mary Rajotte!

Another spirit has arrived in the graveyard after we played a little too hard with the Ouiji board that Faith brought to our last meeting. We regret that we killed Mary but only a little because she’s a delightful spirit to add to our bunch.

Mary actually already has a post live, because she’s cool like that, but just in case you don’t already know her, here’s a little bit more about her.


Welcome Mary!

Colonies of bats across Canada left their bell towers with a mournful flourish the day Mary Rajotte passed from this earth.

Her Cancerian nature lent her well to the art of storytelling, and she could often be found conjuring up stories by the light of the moon.

Her love of coffee could only be rivaled by the size of her snow globe collection, which she has willed to those kindred spirits who share her sense of wanderlust.

Those who knew her well saw her as “over-imaginative”, but she wore that as a badge of honor all of her days.

For those wishing to pay their last respects, you will find her tomb strewn with time’s dead flowers, showered in stardust. Gifts of condolence in the form of stargazer lilies and stripey socks are always welcomed.

To facilitate the grieving process, we invite you to revel in the words Mary left behind at her various online haunts:



Before her untimely and deliberate demise at the hands of our Midnight Society, she had written several spooky stories that you can read here, here, and here.

Welcome to the Midnight Society, Mary!


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