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The Final Girl

How lucky are we over here at the Midnight Society that we get to celebrate two birthdays in a row?!! Today, we rented out a haunted library so we could throw a party for Amy Giuffrida! Amy is a superhero, and one of her powers is that she is always on top of what's happening with all the members of the Midnight Society. If one of us puts out a new story, releases a book, or just has news to share, she is always among the first to congratulate and cheerlead for us. She is a constant source of support for all. So Amy, we've all brought some terrifyingly awesome[...]


Welcome New Member Mary Rajotte!

Another spirit has arrived in the graveyard after we played a little too hard with the Ouiji board that Faith brought to our last meeting. We regret that we killed Mary but only a little because she's a delightful spirit to add to our bunch. Mary actually already has a post live, because she's cool like that, but just in case you don't already know her, here's a little bit more about her. ***** Welcome Mary! Colonies of bats across Canada left their bell towers with a mournful flourish the day Mary Rajotte passed from this earth. Her Cancerian nature lent h[...]


The Legend of The Midnight Society

It's folklore and legends week in our month long #SocietyScreams horror bash! So I offer a tale...a true tale. Although less well-known than The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, this story of ghosts and death will soon spread across the world.     The Legend of The Midnight Society   Three days after joining The Midnight Society, you die. Death comes in strange ways. Sometimes the form of your worst fear, other times when you are immersed in what you love. Reenacting a scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Don’t use a real stake. Your spirit animal,[...]


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving boys and ghouls, shrieks and goblins, readers and robbers!   I just wanted to shout out for a second to my amazing crew here at The Midnight Society.   Amy, I am grateful for you. Faith, I am grateful for you. Kim, I am grateful for you. Timon, I am grateful for you. Kathy, I am grateful for you. Jenna L., I am grateful for you. Brian, I am grateful for you. Kira, I am grateful for you. Jennifer, I am grateful for you. Jenna J., I am grateful for you.   Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this blog.[...]


Announcing The Midnight Matron of All Hallow’s Eve!

  The month of October is a special one! Besides the obvious Halloween answers, this month is the first month were rolling out the honor of Midnight Matron! What the heck is Midnight Matron? The Midnight Society's Midnight Matron is a member of the Midnight Society team. He or she is someone that goes above and beyond to contribute to the Midnight Society, to our readers, and embraces the wonders of macabre like no other. That's great but...what does this mean? The Midnight Matron get's to resign supreme over the following month. This means that our Octobe[...]


Sea Monsters

I was browsing MetaPicture when I came across this picture. The fact that someone actually hates the sea is completely foreign to me. I love the ocean. I live by it. I love being on boats.   I do have several friends who feel this way... they're terribly afraid of what lurks unseen below the surface. That said, I thought it would be fun to share a few creatures that per mythology, people used to believe dwelled in the sea. Who knows, maybe they still do! Here are some of my favorite sea monsters!   Mermaid A legendary aquatic creature with the head and[...]