The Legend of The Midnight Society

It’s folklore and legends week in our month long #SocietyScreams horror bash! So I offer a tale…a true tale. Although less well-known than The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, this story of ghosts and death will soon spread across the world.




The Legend of The Midnight Society


Three days after joining The Midnight Society, you die.

Death comes in strange ways. Sometimes the form of your worst fear, other times when you are immersed in what you love. Reenacting a scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Don’t use a real stake. Your spirit animal, for instance a sloth, tells you to live in a tree? Bring water. Don’t swim with the sharks, no matter how much you want to. Don’t wander away from your field trip group, even if you see something dark, shadowy, and intriguing. Beware men in masks with chainsaws and knives. Get rid of all the dolls in your house. When going ghost hunting, don’t let the dead follow you home.

Though being prepared won’t help. Death will come. Death will claim you, in the end. Death will leave you wanting more.

The souls of The Midnight Society linger, trapped in the search for more horror, more scares, and more creepiness. Unable to move on, they haunt the world.

It began with Jolene. She was the first to join, the first to die, though no one knows how. Possibly the mysteries of what waits on the other side drew her in. From the unknown, from the dark that exists beyond the veil, she calls to those who love horror. She invites them to join her.

The pull of all things that go bump in the night is irresistible. More join. More die. So the legend says.

Faith continues her quest for the strange with her all girl zombie-killing rock band. Her goal is to find Frankenstein and his monster.

Kira travels the world searching for gothic monsters in places dripping with legend and folklore, her faint steps can be heard in old graveyards and echo down forgotten castle halls.

Kim wanders the Earth in zombie form, the one with a shark sized bite in her side, but she doesn’t want your brains only your stories of the weird and sinister.

Amy can be found in her classroom, teaching the 8th grade how to hunt monsters like the Winchester boys and Buffy, and she likes a little kissing with her killing.

Brian will appear where ever the horror and music of the 80s is played. Watch The Evil Dead and a ghostly presence will join you.

Jenna no longer hunts ghosts, but is being hunted…though I don’t recommend finding her, once she gets her dead gaze locked on you, you’ll be haunted forever.

Erica’s black eyes speak of possession. Give her a cupcake and she’ll happily lick the frosting. She’s cold.

Kathy continues to post scary gifs on Twitter just to make people squirm. Scary is good.

So many have come before them, come and gone, not exactly moved on, they still search for and collect the unusual and macabre. Once a member of The Midnight Society, always a member. Jack O’ Lanterns are kept lit in their honor, don’t blow them out.

Join The Midnight Society and you’ll die in three days. You’ll pass into the land of death with an unending need to discover what scares people and face what frightens them the most.

Those of The Midnight Society collect stories.

They share all that is scary.

They devour fear, becoming one with the darkness.

If you see them, the legendary victims of The Midnight Society, don’t worry, they only want to know what scares you. They only want to feed from your fear.

When the invitation comes, when you feel the call of The Midnight Society, join, but understand with that choice comes the end.

Or is it the beginning?





  • Krystal Jane
    October 21, 2016

    Awesome. ^_^ Great opening line!

    • Kathy Palm
      Krystal Jane
      October 21, 2016

      Thank you! I love these creepy blogging friends of mine!

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