I was browsing MetaPicture when I came across this picture. The fact that someone actually hates the sea is completely foreign to me. I love the ocean. I live by it. I love being on boats.

Sea Monsters


I do have several friends who feel this way… they’re terribly afraid of what lurks unseen below the surface. That said, I thought it would be fun to share a few creatures that per mythology, people used to believe dwelled in the sea. Who knows, maybe they still do!

Here are some of my favorite sea monsters!




A legendary aquatic creature with the head and torso of a human and with the lower body of a fish. Women are usually referred to as a mermaid, whereas the male counterparts are normally called merman. The collective of both is called merfolk.

Mermaids have been reported as early as 1000 BC (and earlier) in stories and tales and have lived on since.

Mermaids are very popular in sailor lore.



A sea monster of gorgantuan size, feared for it’s large and violent nature. Normally, in folklore, these giant beasts rise from the depths of the sea and kill crews aboard a ship by drowning them.

Artwork: Kraken by Chris Garrett


A  horse-like shape shifter, known to haunt rivers and streams in Scotland. In mythology they often lured adults and children to them, and then kill them. They are commonly known as the spirits of the dead.

Artwork: Kelpie by Skia


Half horse and half fish. This creature was said to pull Poseidon’s chariot.

For a fun list of more Sea Monsters, check out this list I found on Tor.

What is your favorite sea monster?

Let me know in the comments below!

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