What’s your favorite zombie mythos?

I really enjoy it when writers take a common mythology and put their own spin on it. I mentioned Hollowland a couple weeks ago, and I was a big fan of the unique, and disgusting, take on zombies. In a completely different vein, Midnight Society’s very own TA Brock has the Fatal series, where the zombies are only gross for a brief time near the end. The Other Life by Susan Winnacker has zombies, called Weepers, who have a rabies mutation.

Still, my favorite zombies, are probably The Walking Dead, which is part of why I think it’s such a popular series. The thing that gains my respect is pretty simple and small, but was the big surprise learned by Rick at the end of season one (and not exposed to the rest for a while after that), so if you aren’t a fan of The Walking Dead this is a spoiler, but, the zombie virus is carried in all of us. If you die, whether you’re bit or not, you’ll turn. The thing I appreciate about this is that in so many stories, I’m confused by how it spread so fast without being able to contain it or beat it altogether. The confusion over what was happening, with the terror of knowing that you’ll turn no matter what you do, really explains to me how the world got to such a horrifying condition. Also, the herds are freaking creepy.

So, Midnighters! There are my thoughts. What about you? Who are your favorite zombies?