This Year’s Girl

Even Buffy the Vampire Slayer celebrates the New Year in style–what with hunting and killing demons and all. Mix in a little of crazy Faith out of coma…and bang you have a terror-filled evening.

Season 4 episode 15 opens with Buffy and Faith discussing the fresh smell of clean sheets. Because that’s exactly what you’d do with Adam on the loose and Riley hidden away by the Initiative. Let me be frank with you. I’m not a complete fan of the Buffy episodes with Riley as her boyfriend. Yeah, I know that her love of Riley made her more human, but Buffy is supposed to be a bad ass slayer not some sappy-trying-to-be-normal-college-girl.




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Leave it to Joss Whedon to have Faith looking fabulous after her 8 month long cat nap. As the totally pissed off Slayer #2, Faith decides the only way to hurt Buffy is to take Joyce (Buffy’s mom) hostage. Why not? Buffy did kill the Mayor after all. Now, we all know just how sneaky Joss can be with his plot. In the end Faith has the last laugh by using the device the Mayor left her.

Of course this episode really doesn’t include a New Year’s Eve party, instead it’s a switch of bodies. How many of us make the resolution to eat better, lose weight, exercise, and/or diet? Faith’s resolution war to become Buffy and rid the world of the slayer who killed her “father”.



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At the end of the episode, Faith gets her wish. How about you? Are you making any New Year’s resolutions?


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