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Horror Houses: Cabin in the Woods

  Believe it or not, The Midnight Society did discuss whether or not a cabin was the same thing as a house. It was unanomous that a cabin could be considered a house--technically--which is why I'm posting about one of my favorite horror flics. Why? It's perfect in every way. See what I mean? From the trailer you can see that not only is Cabin in the Woods bloody, but there's also a little science fiction mixed in there. And it's all rounded off with some nakedness, a dash of humor, scary monsters, and campy horror tropes. What else could you ask for in[...]


The Deadly Couples of BtVS

When we talk about undead couples quite a few come to mind, but you know my mind often wanders to anything Joss Whedon or BtVS related. I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about my favorite couples from Buffy. First there was Buffy and Angel. Now this romance was doomed from the beginning--a vampire with a soul, who is cursed to become a demon again if he ever experiences true happiness meets the vampire slayer of his dreams. And one romantic night turns everything to hell. Literally. http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/buffy-summers/images/32094812/title/angel-buffy-wall[...]


This Year’s Girl

Even Buffy the Vampire Slayer celebrates the New Year in style--what with hunting and killing demons and all. Mix in a little of crazy Faith out of coma...and bang you have a terror-filled evening. Season 4 episode 15 opens with Buffy and Faith discussing the fresh smell of clean sheets. Because that's exactly what you'd do with Adam on the loose and Riley hidden away by the Initiative. Let me be frank with you. I'm not a complete fan of the Buffy episodes with Riley as her boyfriend. Yeah, I know that her love of Riley made her more human, but Buffy is suppose[...]


Vampy Goodness – Who Was Your First?

I was nine years old when Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired, and I hid in a guest room, blocked the door, and watched it with the television turned down so low I had to keep my ear a few inches from the set. There was that warning in the beginning of the show, about it being for viewers 14 and up, and damned if I was going to run the risk of missing out on this. All these years later, and I still don't go a month without watching an episode. Honestly, it's pretty weird to go a week. I watch it over breakfast, the perfect start to my day. Buffy and I have been[...]


What I’m Thankful For A Horror Edition

I am so in the right mood for Thanksgiving. After seeing a recent post by Brooks Benjamin I decided to follow his lead with a post all my own. And as always with us here at the Midnight Society, my focus will be what horror am I thankful for. 1.  American Horror Story As a long-time fan of the show AHS, I am most thankful for this season. First of all, I'm happy to know that there are others out there with crazier ideas than I have. I also adore Jessica Lange. I mean, can any actress out there beat all of the characters she's played over the last few years? AND[...]


Why Does Anyone Tell These Stories?

I watched my first horror movies in my parent's bedroom, when my mother was at work. It was a secret between my father and me. His father, my grandfather, had recently passed away and we were living in his house. On my breaks from school, we'd sometimes watch three movies in a row. We were living in this mini-mansion with an unfinished basement and a spiral staircase and all the makings of the perfect horror film. After one particular movie, I would never stick my hand anywhere near the garbage disposal again. My father didn't talk much those days. He was angry a[...]