What I’m Thankful For A Horror Edition

I am so in the right mood for Thanksgiving. After seeing a recent post by Brooks Benjamin I decided to follow his lead with a post all my own. And as always with us here at the Midnight Society, my focus will be what horror am I thankful for.

1.  American Horror Story


As a long-time fan of the show AHS, I am most thankful for this season. First of all, I’m happy to know that there are others out there with crazier ideas than I have. I also adore Jessica Lange. I mean, can any actress out there beat all of the characters she’s played over the last few years? AND of course having an older actress play a feature role is great for women everywhere!

2.  Stephen King


Where would we be without Stephen King? He had brought the world such fantastic horror and terror. The characters he’s created, like Mr. Pennywise, have burrowed into our brains like alien beings. I never would have become a reader had I not picked up his books in high school. The Stand was one of the first novels I remember reading, and at 1,000+ pages that was amazing! As a writer, I look to him for inspiration. Thank you Mr. King!

3.  Edgar Allan Poe


Often my horror writing is compared to EAP, which I’ve always been a little quiet about. I mean, I don’t think I’m even close to the darkness he wrote in his time. Admittedly he has had some influence on my writing, and I’m proud of that. My favorite story of his is Masque of the Red Death. You can’t get any better than blood, death, and plague.

4.  Joss Whedon


I cannot even begin to express how I feel about Joss Whedon. First there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer–an iconic TV series that millions are still watching today. Then came Angel (a Buffy spinoff) This began my vampire obsession. There were also many shows I didn’t watch, but I loved his movies. My favorite being Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. And lastly, there’s his horror movie Cabin in the Woods. You know by the title that nothing can go well here.

5.  Supernatural


Demons, angels, hunters.




Without the Winchester brothers, my week would be so boring. My favorite part is the dialogue. It’s all snarky, funny, and reference things in pop culture. It depends on the day, but my favorites are Dean, Castielle, and Crowley. They’re all pretty easy on the eyes. This is the best show on TV.

I’ll be adding Part II of What I’m Thankful for, next week. But in the meantime, let us know what you’re thankful for by placing your answer in the comment section.

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  • Kathy Palm
    November 18, 2014

    ALL OF THAT! Stephen King… The Shining. For Guillermo Del Toro… Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy II. For my dad who introduced me to everything scary and weird and FANTASICAL!

  • Kissed by Ink
    November 18, 2014

    YES to Guillermo Del Toro!!!!

  • krystal jane
    November 18, 2014

    YES to EVERYTHING! *hugs the list*

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