Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving boys and ghouls, shrieks and goblins, readers and robbers!   I just wanted to shout out for a second to my amazing crew here at The Midnight Society.   Amy, I am grateful for you. Faith, I am grateful for you. Kim, I am grateful for you. Timon, I am grateful for you. Kathy, I am grateful for you. Jenna L., I am grateful for you. Brian, I am grateful for you. Kira, I am grateful for you. Jennifer, I am grateful for you. Jenna J., I am grateful for you.   Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this blog.[...]


Happy Thanksgiving Midnighters!

There are three things in the world that I love. 1. Dean Winchester 2. Horror anything 3. Turkey And well, today I can celebrate with all three! I want to take a moment as well, to tell you all what I'm thankful for (in addition to these three things). I'm thankful for Amy, Jennifer, T.A., Kira, Faith, Suzy, and Nicole, the fabulous members of The Midnight Society. I'm grateful for all of our readers and followers, who celebrate the wonderful darkness that dwells between the cracks of everyday life. I'm thankful for storytellers, illustrators, and authors[...]


What I’m Thankful for: Horror Edition Part 2

It's almost my favorite day of the year...Thanksgiving. Not all of the family will be at the house this year. We'll be missing my sister and brother-in-law, but I'll still have 16 of my loved ones all under the same roof. Cooking for this many is a lot of work, but I still love hosting this celebration. Last week, the planning of this huge dinner was just a label for a new board on Pinterest. Today I type Part 2 of my thankful post with the aroma of pecan pie swirling in the air. Yum! What I'm Thankful for: 6.  The CW I know last week I gave a shout out for the[...]


What I’m Thankful For A Horror Edition

I am so in the right mood for Thanksgiving. After seeing a recent post by Brooks Benjamin I decided to follow his lead with a post all my own. And as always with us here at the Midnight Society, my focus will be what horror am I thankful for. 1.  American Horror Story As a long-time fan of the show AHS, I am most thankful for this season. First of all, I'm happy to know that there are others out there with crazier ideas than I have. I also adore Jessica Lange. I mean, can any actress out there beat all of the characters she's played over the last few years? AND[...]