Monsters of Dr. Who… The Minotaur

WELCOME to the third Friday of the month... umm, hang on *checks calendar* Ahem. Yes! The third Friday of the month! For all Midnight Societers (is that a word? It is now!), it's Dr. Who day, at least in the land of Kathy it is. Once again, I bring you horror cleverly hidden in a science fiction show. The Dr. Who episode THE GOD COMPLEX written by Toby Whithouse aired in 2011 and starred Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor. Yes, this episode had a great monster, but more than that, this show had an all around horror vibe. Dr. Who does that. And I love it. Every s[...]


My Favorite Buffy Scene

Depending on the day, my favorite Buffy episode tends to change. Well, I can't help it. I love them all! But whenever I'm asked I DO have a special scene the I love. Sunnydale is about to be overrun by The First and all it's demons from hell. There's evil priest named Caleb (played by the fantastic Nathan Fillion) who wants Buffy d-e-a-d, dead. Spike has a soul and finally figures out his role in the whole end of the world thing. The slayer wanna-be's stage a coup, leaving Buffy on her own and Faith suddenly in charge. Xander walks around like a pirate, because[...]


This Year’s Girl

Even Buffy the Vampire Slayer celebrates the New Year in style--what with hunting and killing demons and all. Mix in a little of crazy Faith out of coma...and bang you have a terror-filled evening. Season 4 episode 15 opens with Buffy and Faith discussing the fresh smell of clean sheets. Because that's exactly what you'd do with Adam on the loose and Riley hidden away by the Initiative. Let me be frank with you. I'm not a complete fan of the Buffy episodes with Riley as her boyfriend. Yeah, I know that her love of Riley made her more human, but Buffy is suppose[...]